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How to Avoid Points on Your License When Fighting a Cell Phone Ticket

Many people who are given Cell Phone ticket are shocked at how much these traffic offenses cost. Between fines, surcharges and increased insurance premiums they can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. For many people that is simply not in their budget. This is especially true for young drivers who face stiffer penalties if convicted of violating New York’s Cell Phone while driving laws.

When a person gets a ticket for violating New York’s Cell Phone while Driving law they are not only looking at a large fine but also the potential for points on their license. This can result in higher auto insurance rates for years after the conviction and can affect day to day living expenses. This is one reason why it is important to fight your Cell Phone ticket instead of pleading guilty.

Fortunately for New York drivers, there are some ways to avoid getting points on your license when you are issued a Cell Phone ticket. Many of these strategies focus on making sure you are only talking or using the hands free features of your mobile device when the vehicle is in motion. This is particularly important because it is possible to get a ticket for using your mobile device while at a red light or when stopped in traffic.

The other strategy is to use the fact that police officers are not always correct in their interpretation of the Cell Phone while driving law. Often times, they may not be able to clearly see the driver’s face or be able to determine whether or not the driver was actually using their cell phone while the car is moving. This is an issue that can be overcome with the help of an experienced Traffic Ticket Lawyer.

In addition, the evidence that you have that you were not using your mobile device at the time of the stop can be very helpful in fighting your ticket. This can include a passenger in your car who can testify that you were not on the phone, or mobile device records that show that the car was not in motion at the time of the violation.

New York is one of the only states that allows an attorney to plea bargain for lesser charges when a driver is cited for a violation of VTL 1225(c). In other words, you can reduce the number of points on your record by agreeing to a reduction in charge. This is important because if you receive 11 points in an 18 month period your license will be suspended. In most cases, this is more than enough to make it worthwhile to hire an experienced NYC Cell Phone Ticket lawyer. In addition to avoiding points on your driving record, an experienced NYC Traffic Attorney can help you keep your auto insurance rates low. This can save you a great deal of money in the long run. Our firm has a proven track record of helping drivers fight their cell phone tickets and keeping their driving records clean.

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